Vanke Songhua Resort 2017

Vanke Songhua Resort is located at the foot of Daqingshan mountain, Songhua Lake, Jilin province, which is a high-end ski resort with top equipment, scientific planning, intimate service, co-created by Vanke Group and Japanese
Prince Hotel in the northern river city of China. the project will help Beijing to bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, realize “China Dream” of winter sports, facilitate the winter sports’ popularization and promotion, as well as the transfer and upgrade China’s leisure and vacation industry.
Shard Island as a quality service partner of Vanke, once created the first 3D promotional film for Vanke Songhua Lake Resort in 2014, and achieved a good promotional effect, Shard Island was invited to film and create a new promotional film again in 2017, for the full range marketing of Vanke Songhua Lake Resort.

  • Client Vanke
  • Directed By 梁丽娟
  • Year 2017